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Imagine having a coin and one, freely chosen card, both signed by a spectator. The signed card is then mixed in the deck and the deck placed inside the card case. You then put the coin on top of the card case and make it vanish. You open the card case and take out the cards. In between the cards is a coin.   It’s not any coin, but the signed coin that was previously placed on top of the card case. It doesn’t stop there.   The card beneath the signed coin is the spectator’s signed card!

Price £ 14.99
Colour :

This is ‘1805’.

1805 is the year that the first Lost and Found office was established in Paris.   We thought this was an ideal name for this particular trick; you ‘lose’ a coin, then find it – in the most amazing way!

You receive:

  • A DVD with full explanations
  • A custom deck
  • 2 x 2 pence pieces to get you started.   Outside of the UK you will need 2 shim or magnetic coins if you want to use a currency other than Sterling.

Product is also available at MAGICTAO.co.uk